Steel Process For Foundries
Steel Process For Foundries

  • Do you work with steel in your manufacturing facility? Whether it’s turnings, chips, filings, shavings or sludge, a steel briquette machine from Shengbo is the solution.

  • Y83W series horizontal metal scrap briquetting machine is specially designed for foundry and metal scrap processing industry.
    1) on the basis of vertical briquetting press, scraps can be pressed can be within 10cm.
    2) especially suitable for hard metal like stainless steel chips, grade 7 and grade 12 aluminum scrap, long copper chips etc.
    3) make waste storage area clean and green.
    4) much lower than vertical one, suit the workshop with low height.

  • Steel briquetting can double the value of your chips, briquettes are easier to manage, transport, sell and recycle.

  • Xuzhou Jinhong Iron and Steel Group

  • Y83W metal shavings
  • Y83W-6300
  • y83w-10000

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